US host Mocks Singapore Man Suing Rejected Crush

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A man in Singapore, K Kawshigan, resorted to legal action in a S$3 million suit for the “emotional trauma” when a woman, Nora Tan, refused to pursue a romantic relationship with him. She merely regarded him as a friend.

“The Daily Show”, a U.S. comedy news programme with Comedienne Chelsea Handler, who says, “Because speaking of dissatisfied men, a man in Singapore is suing a woman for putting him in the friend zone. That’s right.

“He wants US$2.3 million because he says her rejection caused him sustained trauma. And this is why I don’t date anyone from Singapore. He said getting friend zoned caused him sustained trauma? How hard is this guy masturbating?”


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US host
US host Mocks Singapore Man Suing Rejected Crush

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