Foreigner Fights With Local Regarding Traffic Violations 

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For a Southeast Asian country, Malaysia is considered as one of the friendliest countries in this region. Other than Singapore, we are one of the few that actually use English which is the global standard for languages in our daily lives, due to our former British colonisation past. 

Foreigner fighting a Malaysian

From what appears to be a conversation about a traffic problem, it suddenly escalated to a mini brawl with the foreign man pushing a Malaysian man towards his car. The person who recorded the video then calmed down on what appears to be either a friend or her husband and told them to dismiss the matter. 

Netizens started tagging the police on the Twitter thread and urged them to investigate the matter. Others claim that foreigners that come to Malaysia would have a sense of superiority towards the locals in this country. 

However, it is not fair for us Malaysians to generalise all foreigners the same way. Just like us, there are always a bad bunch among a crowd of people. There are plenty of foreigners that come here and have built a wonderful life for themselves without disturbing anyone.


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