KLIA Charging 10% Extra For Cashless Parking Payments 

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The Malaysian government has been pushing hard for the acceptance of cashless payments in our society. However, KLIA has decided to regress backwards with their new 10% extra surcharge for cashless parking payments. Netizens are not too pleased with this. 

10% surcharge if you’d prefer to use cashless payments at KLIA’s parking

Netizens have pointed out that the parking charges at KLIA have increased due to inflationary pressures affecting the world. Furthermore, the recent 10% surcharge on cashless payments seems to suggest that KLIA is pushing users towards traditional cash-based payment methods.

Others have pointed out that Bank Negara Malaysia has made it clear that no surcharges are to be placed when using the cashless methods. However, this is meant towards businesses rather than parking lots. Complaints that a big company like MAHB is doing this while SMEs are not allowed to do so are a popular opinion. 


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