Malaysians Comparing Bangkok and Malacca’s Tourist Prices 

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Countries in Southeast Asia are known to be tourist destinations. In lieu, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are one of the biggest players when it comes to tourists spending holidays in their countries. The same could be said for Singapore, but their purchasing power is on par with the rest of the developed world. 

Is Bangkok cheaper than Malacca? 

A netizen complained that the river cruise in Bangkok starts at only RM3, and its RM15 for an unlimited access for the day, while Malacca’s is RM25 for a 30 minute cruise. Others complained that the closed minded Malaysians would then blame locals going overseas destinations such as Thailand for a cheaper holiday. 

Another netizen stated that this could probably be due to Thailand’s lower minimum wage. However, the petrol prices in their country are significantly more expensive than ours, said another. 

One of the key points why river cruises in Thailand can be cheaper is due to the competition available for the services. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, we lack direct competitors for a number of services, hence they are expensive and can be unreliable. 


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