In Phuket, Tourists Should Be Wary of Jellyfish Stings

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Tourists visiting Phuket, Thailand have been warned to be cautious of poisonous jellyfish in over 20 areas around the island. After over 30 tourists reported being stung near Kata Beach last week, signs have been put up at popular attractions such as Patong, Nai Yang, and Surin beaches to raise awareness and offer first-aid information.

Lifeguards have been supplied with vinegar to assist those struck by fire jellyfish stings, but pouring fresh water or alcohol on the sting will only worsen the pain.

Those stung by Portuguese jellyfish should clean their wounds with seawater or beach morning glory leaves, not vinegar or fresh water. The Phuket Marine Resources Conservation director advises all victims to see a doctor immediately.


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More Photos – Jellyfish Stings

Jellyfish Stings
In Phuket, Tourists Should Be Wary of Jellyfish Stings

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