Swapping Eggs Before Buying A Carton, Netizens Angry 

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It is a weird phenomenon where some grocery shoppers decided to change the types of eggs they want in a carton before purchasing it. Usually, a carton of eggs is packed as a set and the general term is that the shopper should not exchange the eggs with another carton. 

Egg changing carton 

The egg drama has traumatised Malaysians with the scarcity and price increases. Now there are some “crafty” shoppers who decided to switch out the potentially smaller eggs for bigger ones on a carton. It’s either that or some of the eggs could be bad.

Netizens are calling out those who would cheekily change a grade c carton to fill it up with grade a eggs. Others are saying that the next phenomenon we’ll see is grocery shoppers peeling off the skin of oranges before buying them. 


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