Cat Hangs Out At A Condo’s Air Conditioning Ledge  

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Cats are funny animals, they are able to manoeuvre in such a peculiar manner and end up in dangerous positions alarming their caretakers while in the process. This brave cat decided it was best if it “chills” at a condominium air conditioning ledge, where there are no barriers if it accidentally falls. 

Cat hanging out at condo ledge 

Netizens joked that the cat was at the ledge in lieu of a “healing process.” Others recommended “Oyen” a typical name for an orange cat in Malaysia to hang out at a more suitable location. One of the most suitable locations for a cat could possibly be the corridor of the condominium, said another. 

Most are happy that the firefighters went out on a limb in order to save the cat. It is just as dangerous for professionals to save the cat as one wrong step could end badly for everyone. 

Another person observed the air conditioning units and asked when was the last time the owners serviced it as they claimed it looks like it needs to be serviced. 


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