JAKIM States Its Haram To Celebrate Valentines Day 

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As a majority of Malaysians are Muslims, JAKIM made a statement on the day of, that it is “haram” to celebrate such festivities. The statement garnered mixed reviews from netizens, but there are still a number of Malaysians that do celebrate the festivity of love. 

JAKIM: Valentines day is Haram 

They released a poster stating that valentine’s day “bukan budaya umat Islam,” which translates to a non-Muslim tradition. Religious netizens said to those non-Muslims who are offended, they should keep up with their own religion and let the Muslims handle theirs. 

Another netizen told JAKIM off by wishing them a happy valentine’s day and that using Twitter is also against the religion. Other religious users claimed that if Muslims are offended, they are probably doing other “haram” things as well. 

This is a complex issue as many who do celebrate the festivities are doing it to express love towards their partners. Others fought back the religious users saying that they are adapting themselves to “Arab culture.” 


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