Malaysians Fed Up With Class Separations 

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The controversial B40, M40 and T20 classifications are not ageing well as many are still arguing about the definitions. Those who earn RM11,000 and above as a household are automatically lumped into the “T20” category and are often sidelined as being privileged. 

Class separations 

A netizen stated that the T20 classifications do not make sense as those who are making RM15,000 a month are listed the same as those who make RM100,000 a month. There is clearly a difference between the two regardless of them being in the same category. 

Another user stated that if both husband and wife earn RM7,500 each while raising kids would make them qualify for the bracket. That can lead to a comfortable life in the Klang Valley, but it won’t afford them a luxurious privileged lifestyle. 


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