KL Drivers Spend 159 Hours In Rush Hour Traffic Last Year 

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The harsh reality for those working in KL as they have to suffer through the intense traffic jams daily. According to BFM, these traffic jams average up to 159 hours in a year for those commuting back and forth from work daily. Furthermore, it is estimated that 833 kg of carbon dioxide is released due to these jams. 

KL drivers wasting time money and energy in traffic jams 

Furthermore, the travel time within KL has increased by 16 minutes last year. Netizens responded that even with horrid jams people prefer driving over taking public transportation as our infrastructure is appalling. 

Furthermore, it was stated by a netizen that Malaysia has over 700,000 new registered vehicles in 2022. According to the data, what the netizen said is true, hence there are more new vehicles on the road yet not enough roads to cater to these new cars. 


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