Mydin Fights Back On Claims That Menu Rahmah Is “Unhealthy” 

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Just yesterday, opposition members were stating that the new government initiative, menu Rahmah, is unhealthy and “cancerous.” Mydin, a key player in the Rahmah menu, decided to fight back all these claims showing that it is nutritious and healthy. 

Mydin fighting back on false claims towards Rahmah menu 

Netizens observed that the big chain store is poking fun back at the PAS/PN MPs. Twitter users also claim that they’ve eaten similar dishes that Mydin showed for years and have never gotten any serious or chronic illness. 

Others praised the brand for actually making something that is affordable and that it is a complete set. Most restaurants would not include water in their meals. Some stated that the meals are of high quality.


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Debates on Menu Rahmah Being “Cancerous” Continues 

One of the most credible things our coalition government did was to create menu Rahmah. This menu is meant for those in the B40 bracket to find something edible and affordable according to their budgets. READ MORE


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