Man Finds A Stack Of Cash At MRT Bukit Bintang ATM 

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It is a rare case that a person would leave their just withdrawn money at the ATM machine. However, when a man wanted to withdraw some cash, he saw that there was a stack of cash left at the ATM machine and when he tried to inform the bank, the number listed was not reachable. 

Man stack of cash ATM

The man then stated he would inform the authorities, but he would like to use the power of social media in order to find the person who left their money there. Rapid KL did their due diligence by informing the man that they will cross check their CCTVs and contact said person. 

Netizens joked that if anyone wants to claim the money would obviously tell the exact amount that was left. Others said that they would rather not hand it over to the authorities for some alleged reasons. Most praised the man for being an honest person in today’s age, as some people who might stumble upon it would not even attempt to return it. 

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