Gigamon: Approximately one in three organizations are seeing a malicious insider

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By Ian Farquhar, Field CTO, Gigamon

Gigamon’s latest survey report, “State of Ransomware 2022 and Beyond,” has revealed that almost one-third of organizations have been victims of ransomware attacks that were enabled by a malicious insider. This is nearly as common as the accidental insider, which accounted for 35% of the incidents.

While phishing (58%), malware/computer viruses (56%), and cloud applications (42%) were identified as the most common threat vectors, the survey revealed that 59% of organizations believe that ransomware has worsened in the past three months. The report also found that Lapsus$ group and other threat actors are increasingly preying on disgruntled employees to gain access to corporate networks.

Gigamon survery highlights

The Gigamon survey highlights the importance of greater observability to help organizations distinguish between the types of insider threats endangering their businesses. The report noted that while 66% of respondents have a strategy in place for both types of insider threats, many lack the visibility to understand whether it’s a malicious or accidental risk.

The report also revealed that 88% of global respondents believe there is a ‘blame culture’ in the cybersecurity industry that hinders the speed of reporting an incident. To overcome this, 42% of organizations called for more transparency, 29% for industry-wide collaboration, and 22% for providing CIOs/CISOs with ‘Deep Observability.’

Deep Observability, which is defined as real-time network-level intelligence that amplifies the power metric, event, log, and trace-based monitoring tools, is being recognized as central to cybersecurity. The report found that 66% of CIOs/CISOs see it as crucial to tackling the malicious insider threat. While the complexity of Zero Trust has increased, with 44% of EMEA respondents stating that it requires too much oversight and resource.

Finally, the survey highlighted that 89% of global boardrooms view ransomware as a priority concern and 57% of those surveyed agreed that the cyber insurance market is exacerbating the ransomware crisis.

For more full survey results, click here.


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Ian Farquhar, Field CTO of Gigamon

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