PAS Cosplay: Haram or Anti-democratic?

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What is the reason behind the silly PAS cosplay display of military force by the PAS in Terengganu? The PAS leader Tuan Man Tuan Ibrahim says it is like a cosplay show. First of all, PAS professes a strict form of Islam and in Islamic history, there is no such cosplay show.

Hence, is it haram what PAS did last weekend? If we follow the logic expressed by Mufti Datuk Zulkifli Mohamad al-Bakri, the intentions to follow cosplay may not be haram unless it is taking the image of a non-Islamic diety or the making of the costume is costly and does not justify the expenses.

On a democratic front, PAS has organised the ‘cosplay’ show surely at a high cost (haram then if costly) in a possible show of force to perhaps force some people (in government?) to be fearful of them in the wake of the MACC investigation in Bersatu and PN’s election funding? Who knows. If it is the case, it is undemocratic, is it not?


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PAS Showing Militancy Trend?

PAS supporters on Facebook are saying the members using this attire (dressed like soldiers) are disturbing the PH supporters who claim the PAS is turning into militancy MORE

More Photos – PAS Cosplay

PAS cosplay
Pas Cosplay – Haram or undemocratic?

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