PAS MP Slammed For Berating RM5 Menu Rahmah

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Everyday there are people talking of the Menu Rahmah and seeking for the menu and one local portal says it went all the way to ask buyers in Cheras whether the menu is of poor quality.

The survey by the portal at the Cheras Stadium Nasi Kandar Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur found that people described the Rahmah Menu introduced by the Unity Government as helping the less fortunate. This by itself means the poor Dr Halimah is slammed for her berating the efforts of the government.

Although the menu costs RM5 per plate, the dish still has enough protein. The buyers rejected the accusations of the opposition Member of Parliament who claimed that the B40 citizens were given ‘low quality’ food supplies.


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slammed, RM5 Menus Cancerous
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