Anger Among Malaysians Over Wan Saiful Not Being Handcuffed

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The news of the Bersatu Chief, Wan Saiful being charged in court for graft has garnered local attention and some were angered due to him not being cuffed. His bribery charges are quite steep and netizens are upset at the fact that he was not cuffed when brought in to MACC for questioning. 

Anger over Wan Saiful’s no cuffs 

Netizens then stated that for normal citizens, if you were caught for bribery even with a small amount, you’d get cuffed and would need to bow your head down. However, for the ultra rich in Malaysia, it’s free reign for them. 

Others stated that the reasoning this is not done due to him not being a flight risk. This is due to the fact that he is an elected politician. But back in the day, figures like Rafizi and Nik Nazmi were handcuffed and surrounded by the police for much smaller accusations. 

Outraged netizens voiced their discontent, insisting that Wan Saiful should have been made to wear the standard orange jumpsuit. They raised questions about the persistence of double standards, especially given that Malaysia’s current Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, is no exception to the law. 

The incident highlights the country’s ongoing struggle with issues of selective privilege, exposing the work that still needs to be done towards achieving true equality and fairness for all.


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Wan Saiful of Bersatu Charged With Graft For Receiving RM6.96 mil

Saiful was slapped with two charges – first for soliciting a bribe of an unspecified amount and second for receiving a bribe of RM6.96 million between July 8, 2022 and Sept 30, 2022. READ MORE

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Image of Datuk Wan Saiful from his official Twitter page.

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