Controversy over PSA On Hijabi Women Who Vape

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There are a number of things that the Public Health page could tackle, but instead, they chose to mix cultural issues along with health issues. Malaysians are disappointed on how they portrayed the value of hijabi women that vape. 

Hijabi women who vape

The Twitter page shared an image over a girl wearing a hijab but indulging in vaping, which they viewed as a negative and unbecoming habit. They expressed concern about the increasing trend of hijabis engaging in vaping, which they believe could harm the health and well-being of young women who adhere to the Islamic faith. 

The Twitter page also discussed the importance of promoting healthier habits and behaviours among young people. For this post, they specifically targeted those who choose to wear the hijab as it is a common connotation that the hijab symbolises purity. 

Netizens called out the Twitter page questioning why it would be acceptable if Muslim men vape but not Muslim women. Others stated that they dislike vaping, but what does all of this have to do with women wearing hijabs. 


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