YNH Property Faces Criminal Intimidation Utilising Fake News

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KUALA LUMPUR, 21 February 2022 – In a statement issued by the Board of Directors of YNH Property Berhad today, the company disclosed that its organisation including its directors, management and shareholders have come under attack by a series of ‘fake news’ followed by criminal intimidation.

The statement said, “It has come to the attention of the Board of Directors of YNH Property Berhad that certain purported “news” portals and websites, which are of dubious origin, have been publishing a series of articles containing serious allegations, accusations and inference against the Company and our directors, management and shareholders,

“These articles contain defamatory and false representations and statements and have deliberately distorted the information presented so as to inflict serious damage and harm to our operations,” the company says in a media release.

The attacks against the company also comprise threats of more fake news if a certain amount of money is not paid.

“We also note that there are elements of criminal intimidation related to the said fake news as there were threats of more fake news if a certain amount of money is not paid.”

YNH Property Group Police Report

The company says it has already made police reports in relation to the criminal intimidation and malicious articles and complaints have also been lodged with the regulatory authorities including the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

“We hope that the authorities will investigate this matter quickly and take the necessary action to safeguard the interest of our shareholders and stakeholders. We will also be seeking legal advice on the matter and will take legal action where necessary to protect the Company and our stakeholders.   

“We strongly condemn the use of fake news and criminal intimidation to undermine the reputation of the Company and our stakeholders and will not be intimidated by such criminal tactics employed against us. The Company is committed to pursue the matter to its finality and will use all available means to protect the interests of the Company and our stakeholders,” it says.

It also advises the public to visit our website www.ynhb.com.my to verify any matters that are related to the Company and not be misled by any fake news.


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Directors of YNH Property Group Face Criminal Intimidation With Fake News

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