Netizens Dubbed ‘Netflix Rahmah’ for Price Reductions

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In recent times, Netflix, the renowned streaming platform, has faced criticism over its policy updates. According to the new regulations, individuals who share their passwords with friends or family members will no longer be able to access the streaming service from a different IP address. This move has generated a significant backlash against the company.

Netflix Rahmah

Due to the backlash, they decided to reduce their streaming prices by a few Ringgit (RM35 to RM28 for their basic plan). Netizens are dubbing it as “Netflix Rahmah.” Others know that this is a strategy for those who were password sharing to create their own account. 

Another netizen stated that if the streaming service truly wants to be in the “Rahmah” category, it would need to start charging their customers RM5 a month. There were many who predicted that this price cut may encourage some to jump over from Astro to more streaming platforms. 


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