Pedestrians Walking On Highways To Access MRT Stations

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In Malaysia, pedestrians frequently voice their dissatisfaction with the poor walkability of MRT stations. Allegedly, some contractors have responded by suggesting that commuters take the shuttle bus, rather than walking for just five minutes. However, this defence has not appeased the disgruntled public, who argue that safe and accessible pedestrian pathways should be a basic feature of public transportation.

Pedestrian unfriendly Kuala Lumpur 

A video went viral when a Twitter user posted a video of her trying to get to the nearest MRT station from her office. She had to literally walk on the highway in order to get access to the train station. Her tweet received backlash from what appears to be contractors who harshly recommended her to take the shuttle bus in place of the short walk. 

Other netizens argued that nobody wants infrastructure like this. People want accessibility and not reliability on multiple buses to access a train station that is nearby. Those that used the argument of the shuttle buses are shunned down when they’re told of its 30 minute frequency. 

A netizen recently highlighted how construction work is carried out in Singapore, showcasing ample space for pedestrians to walk safely and conveniently. Unfortunately, such attention to detail and pedestrian safety seems to be lacking in Malaysia. The difference is striking and suggests that Singapore is prioritising environmental consciousness in their urban planning efforts by reducing cars.


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