University Student Goes Hungry Due to Financial Hardship

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The government’s introduction of initiatives like Menu Rahmah is making a positive impact in the country, particularly as there are numerous cases of university students who are unable to afford food. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of students who can only afford to eat plain rice and gravy, with no vegetables or meat, as a way to save money.

Main struggle for university students, financial hardships 

Netizens stated that the local mosques are a big help for students before getting scholarships or PTPTN loans. Others stated that during a student’s university days, they will most definitely have all the time in the world but would lack financial freedom. However, once they start working, they will lack time but with all the financial freedom. 

A Twitter user posted a photo of plain rice, eggs and some soup dubbing it to be the popular menu for students. A meal like this used to cost around RM2-3, but with inflation today, it is unclear how much a meal like this would cost. 


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Image from Twitter user @ir_muhd_ismail

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