Man With 7 Kids Complain Menu Rahmah Expensive 

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The government’s initiative, menu Rahmah has proven to be a success with retailers like Mydin backing it up. The only ones complaining about the program are usually opposition members and supporters alike. However, it seems that Twitter users are defending the program at all costs. 

Man complains on menu Rahmah being costly 

A random person on Facebook stated that it would cost his family an approximate RM 90 a day to feed his wife and kids. He then calculated the monthly cost to be over RM 3,000. Netizens questioned the man asking him how much did it previously cost to feed his wife and kids. 

Another netizen did the maths on regular prices which tends to be RM15, and they claim that this would amount to RM9,900 a month. Others asked if the man is lazy due to him wanting to eat out with his entire family everyday, as cooking at home will obviously be cheaper. 


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