15 Year Old Teen Charged With Sexually Assaulting Sister 

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Sexual assault is a serious matter. It is unclear why many are commiting crimes like these as it is detrimental to the victims. It is even worse when the victims themselves are the relatives of the perpetrator. Furthermore, it is said that the younger sibling even gave birth to a child. 

15 year old teen sexually assaulted 14 year old sister 

Netizens are of course angry at the situation. They are telling others that the sister’s fate is already unfortunate as it is, but the child that came out of it would definitely suffer even more. Many are shocked at the age of the perpetrator. 

Others managed to slip in their political opinions stating that this is the reason why abortions should be legal. However, in cases like this, it is legal to abort the baby as it can cause serious harm mentally and physically to the victim. 


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Sexually Assaulting
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