Funding Sources of Mega Skyscrapers in Malaysia

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The question on how much funding has been spent building these mega tall structures like the Menara 118 and Menara TRX are being questioned by netizens. The public infrastructure is barely maintained and the economy has been down for several years, yet we can still afford to build shiny new skyscrapers. 

Who funds the construction of these buildings? 

A netizen first questioned the usability of these buildings. She then added that we have the tallest building in Southeast Asia, yet at the same time, our investor dividends are not even in the double digits. 

Another netizen responded by quoting her tweet stating that most of these skyscrapers are built by government linked companies. Others stated that these mega structures are affecting the value of office real estate, citing that the prices for spaces have significantly gone down. 


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More Images – Funding Sources

Funding sources
Image of the Exchange 106 in Kuala Lumpur, from Wikipedia.

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