Malaysia Political Ads Banned Due To Skewed TikTok Moderator

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TikTok Malaysia on Mar 1 says political advertisements are banned on the popular video-sharing platform according to head of public policy Hafizin Tajudin who adds the platform does not allow political ads that “promote or oppose a candidate, government, current leader, political party or group, or issue at the federal, state, or local level”.

Non-paid political lies?

But it allows non-paid fake news? This is what the media should ask Mr Hafizin. Right? Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil reportedly said some people may have managed to infiltrate the company (TikTok).

The statement by Tajudin was issued after a viral video claimed that a Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) member was also part of the TikTok moderation team. The video noted that moderators could determine what content would go viral, but Hafizin says the ‘staff; did not have the authority to decide on what goes viral.


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Malaysia Political Ads Banned Due To Skewed Platform Moderator

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