Malaysia Airports Doing Good Deeds Donating RM1.4 Million In Zakat

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It is normal to see major local corporate companies donating massively to zakat in Malaysia. Malaysia Airports is no exception. Many of them tend to receive a certain amount of tax reliefs when they donate through zakat as it is encouraged by the government.

Malaysia Airports donating to zakat

It is a positive thing that the company is doing. However, netizens are not too optimistic as they are complaining, as usual, about the airport’s source of income. They are asking whether the airport is also donating the profits they made from the sale of alcohol and cigarettes.

However, there are those who are seeing this in a positive light. They are saying that MAHB will get blessings for doing a good deed.


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Malaysia Airports
Malaysia Airports Donating RM1.4 Million In Zakat

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