Kenduri Kahwin: PAS MPs Are Winners Say Netizens

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Interesting that PAS MPs are flooding the social media with their great achievements for their first 100 days as MPs. But netizens are quick to point out that they can win a competition on wedding attendance that we call kenduri kahwin here in Malaysia.

See what the user had to say below: Giving the three PAS MPs the first, second and third position in the online competition.

Another user had this to say:

Markas@pisangrastali, “They all should be good enough to complain if the kerutuk or nasi minyak taste sucks by now! we need a pro like them for a daging masak hitam connoiseurs. Hmm at this rate their kenduri taste level are pretty elite.”


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More Photos – Kenduri Kahwin

Kenduri Kahwin
Online the netizens have a competition for the kenduri kahwin

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