Mydin Making Fun Of PAS Politician’s 100 Day Report Card 

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Mydin, a retail company, has gained popularity on Twitter by using satire to comment on controversial topics in the current political climate. Recently, a politician named Dr Ustazah Mastura issued a 100-day report card listing her duties, which went viral on Twitter. 

Mydin vs PAS? 

Malaysians found it ironic and satirical when she listed attending 58 wedding ceremonies and several funerals as her job scope as a PAS MP. Twitter users questioned whether there were no other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for her to be an MP, and joked that she might even include the number of breaths taken in her next report.

In response to this, Mydin listed the important contributions it had made to help Malaysians in difficulty, such as donations, scholarship offerings, and retail category awards. Some Twitter users caught on to the hidden message behind the retailer’s post, suggesting that not attending weddings would mean that one was not truly performing, which was a jab at the PAS politician’s report card. 

Overall, the retailer’s response was legendary, highlighting its positive contributions to society compared to the politician’s seemingly trivial job scope.


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Image from Mydin’s official Twitter account.

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