Mukhriz Mahathir: Division Among Malaysians Need To Be Eliminated 

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Mukhriz Mahathir, the son of the ever so controversial Tun Dr Mahathir has come out with a statement saying that Malaysians need to set aside their differences. We will not see a Prime Minister who is a minority until this specific mindset is changed. 

Mukhriz Mahathir encourages unity 

According to BFM News, he states that our founding fathers would have not agreed with having separate vernacular schools as it would divide our population further. He added that we need to let our children play and mingle around with each other in order for us as a society to understand each other better. 

Netizens on the other hand disagree with him. They claim that he should send his children to government schools first before encouraging everyone to unite together. Others cite that he should not probe into issues that are not happening yet as it can be an uncomfortable conversation. 


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Mukhriz Mahathir
Image of Mukhriz Mahathir from Wikipedia.

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