New Bossku: Is Muhyiddin Taking The Controversial Role in 2023?

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RM2 Million Bail Settled By Muhyiddin To Stay Out of Jail

Muhyiddin Yassin claims he is not guilty because the contractor who received the Jana Wibawa contract allegedly deposited political funds into his party account and not his personal account. With these claims, Muhyiddin is now trying to be the new bossku.

Banking on the emotions, Bersatu leaders praised Mahiaddin for allegedly adhering to principles by not accepting funds into his personal account.

New Bossku?

However, should political leaders be free to abuse their power as government leaders as long as the money does not go into their personal accounts? This allows them to offer direct tender projects of up to RM92.5 billion arbitrarily and request a 5% bribe on the contract amount, provided the money is deposited into the party account. This is where the bossku of 2023 will find it tougher.


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