Hotel Restaurants in Melaka Shuts Down Due To Bad Cleanliness   

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Image of the Malacca skyline, photo taken by Latest Malaysia.

The Melaka Health Department has temporarily shut down two hotel restaurants due to inadequate cleanliness. Department director Dr. Rusdi Abd Rahman stated that these restaurants were among 44 hotels inspected for food safety ahead of Ramadan. 

Two Melaka hotel restaurants shut down

The closures were enforced under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 after a two-day inspection. Additionally, 46 compound notices totaling RM18,750 were issued during the checks. The enforcement exercise also focused on mosquito breeding sites, cleanliness, and pest or vermin presence in hotels. 

Eight hotels received compound notices for mosquito breeding spots, while 17 received notices totaling RM4,250 for not displaying No Smoking signs. Dr. Rusdi emphasised the importance of food cleanliness and safety, and said inspections of eateries would be conducted regularly to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


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Image of the Malacca skyline, photo taken by Latest Malaysia.

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