South Korean’s SBS Slammed For censoring Michelle Yeoh Speech 

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SBS vs Yeoh
Photo by Georges Biard, Wiki Commons

SBS’s removal of the word ‘ladies‘ from Michelle Yeoh’s empowering Oscar speech has sparked outrage among South Korean viewers, who accuse the broadcaster of censorship and misogyny. The public’s vehement response highlights growing concerns about anti-feminism under President Yoon Suk-yeol’s conservative government. 

SBS Slammed

Critics demand an apology from SBS for altering Yeoh’s message, which celebrated the achievements and resilience of women. Despite reuploading the unedited speech, SBS has yet to issue an official statement addressing the backlash. The incident underscores the importance of Yeoh’s advocacy for women’s rights and her refusal to accept stereotypical Asian female roles. SBS slammed for not saying a word?

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