Syed Saddiq Speaks Out on Controversial Ban of Muslims from Non-Islamic Prayer Spaces

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Syed Saddiq
Image of Syed Saddiq screen grabbed from his official Twitter account.

Muda politician Syed Saddiq is no stranger when it comes to pointing out his views towards the drama that is enfolding in Malaysian politics. It is quite often that we see him taking a stance on certain decisions made, regardless of who is in power. 

Syed Saddiq posts video about this whole issue 

On Twitter, he went on citing that Hadi Awang himself has visited Churches and other prayer spaces. He further questioned whether visiting these places, learning the history of other cultures can reduce the faith in the ordinary Muslim. This situation has caused a ruckus among netizens all over. 

Some state that the official ruling is that Muslims are not allowed to attend religious affairs in these houses of worship. Visiting them to admire the architecture would generally be regarded as okay. Others state that they have no comments for this situation as they are not an expert in religious affairs. 


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More Images – Syed Saddiq

Syed Saddiq
Image of Syed Saddiq screen grabbed from his official Twitter account.

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