Affordable Menu Rahmah Siswa Launched At RM3.50 Only

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The menu rahmah siswa is launched

The Ministry of Higher Education has introduced the Siswa Menu Rahmah, offering meals at a reduced price of RM3.50 for students at 20 public universities and all polytechnics nationwide.

Happy Siswa

This initiative aims to benefit 320,000 students from low-income B40 families, ensuring they can pursue their education without being affected by financial hardships. The affordable Rahmah Student Menu is made possible as universities and polytechnics do not charge stall rental fees to traders, which amounts to a total cost of RM3 million per year for universities and RM700,000 per year for polytechnics.

This allows employers to offer lower-priced meals to students. Additionally, a RM5 Rahmah Menu is available for those who can afford it, with eligible students receiving tokens to purchase the discounted meals.


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