Why is The U.S. Gov’t Pressuring TikTok’s China Founders?

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US Govt
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The U.S. is planning to make a great offensive against China in the Southeast Asia region, putting its military forces in Australia, the nearest it can afford to help it patrol the South China Sea. The attacks on TikTok, after the attacks on Huawei, are simply to add up to the injury it intends to cause to Beijing.

Now lets see what the news say about the TikTok founders and what does the US govt really want.

The Biden Administration has reportedly demanded that TikTok’s Chinese owners sell their stakes in the popular video app or risk a possible U.S. ban, amid concerns that U.S. user data could be shared with the Chinese government. This comes after former President Donald Trump’s attempts to ban TikTok in 2020, which were halted by U.S. courts.

Nevertheless, there are so many American companies that has our data and information. The question is and we all know the answers, whether they share such info to the US govt or security agencies?

US Govt on Chinese Ownership

Meanwhile, the Committee on Foreign Investments in the U.S. (CFIUS) has recently made the sale demand, highlighting bi-partisan opposition towards the China-owned app. Critics argue that any Chinese-owned company must still abide by Beijing’s demands if required, despite TikTok pledging to spend $1.5 billion on a program to protect U.S. user data and content from the Chinese government.

TikTok’s CEO, Shou Zi Chew, asserts that divesting the company from Chinese ownership would not provide more protection than the proposed program. He has not disclosed whether ByteDance founders are open to selling TikTok’s shares but hopes that Congress will see TikTok as a platform for creative expression.

The US govt move to ban TikTok might face challenges, as the Chinese government is unlikely to permit the sale of TikTok’s algorithm. TikTok could argue that any forced sale or ban would violate the Berman amendments and the First Amendment. A potential U.S. ban might also spark protests from young Americans, who form the app’s primary user base.

Senate lawmakers are currently proposing legislation to strengthen the government’s legal authority in addressing perceived threats from foreign-owned apps, garnering support from Biden administration officials. TikTok has previously faced scrutiny over potential security issues, resulting in bans on government devices in various countries. Previous US govt headed by Trump was also hunting TikTok down.


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US Govt
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