Lotus Shows Off Pakej Rahmah Back To School Clothes

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Image screen grabbed from Lotus' official Twitter page.

The new Rahmah food menu has gotten extremely popular to the point where businesses like Lotus are expanding the idea to clothes. This is a commendable idea as there are a number of parents out there that may not be able to afford new clothes for their children who are attending school. 

Pakej Rahmah back-to-school version

For a female Baju Kurung, the set would cost only RM62. It includes one Baju Kurung for primary school, one school skirt, one hijab, a pair of shoes and a three in one socks pack. The set seems to be reasonably priced as it includes a pair of shoes and a full set of clothes. 

A backpack can cost only RM14 during this promotional period, which is until 26th March. Netizens are asking the big supermarket chain whether they are making a “nugget Rahmah” option. The Lotus admin seems to be spontaneous as they are responding to netizen tweets with funny remarks. 

Brands like Mydin and Lotus are generally well favoured among Malaysians due to their good prices and funny tweets. Furthermore, it appears that they are doing the best they can to support the current government’s ideas. 


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Image screen grabbed from Lotus’ official Twitter page.

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