Mydin Clarifies Milo’s Original Packaging 

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Image screen grabbed from Mydin's official page.

Just a few days back, there were some netizens stating that some Milo packaging is different from others. They then alleged that these packings that are different are “fake” products. They might have good intentions towards spreading the information, but Mydin stepped in and clarified the packing difference. 

Mydin says both Milo packs are original 

Mydin then clarifies that they are selling original products, especially when it comes to food. They added that they have a long list of trusted supplies who they purchase these items in bulk from. Hence the likelihood of their perishable items being fake is extremely low. 

Netizens are stating that Milo back then and today are different. Some are speculating that the hot-cocoa brand recently changed their formula, however, this is just an alleged claim. Others joked that Mydin should sell the formula with “madani” prices. 


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Image screen grabbed from Mydin’s official page.

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