Kelantan State Set To Build More Relocation Centres

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Image of Kelantan's State Executive Councillor, Mumtaz Md Nawi from Wikipedia.

The Kelantan state government is set to build 15 permanent relocation centres (PPK) across flood-affected districts. Datuk Mumtaz Md Nawi, Chairman of Kelantan’s Welfare, Family Development and Women Committee, highlighted that 15 sites had been identified including 12 lands owned by the government. 

Kelantan set to build more relocation centers

The remaining three locations require land acquisitions in the Pasir Puteh district. The PPKs would be operational in all crisis and disaster situations, not solely floods, according to Mumtaz. 

She also discussed how temporary relocation centres (PPS) are occasionally set up using schools, disrupting the education system, and argued that floods happen unpredictably and require PPKs for the provision of facilities to the people. The state authority is also in negotiations with the National Disaster Management Agency for the first construction of three PPKs.


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Image of Kelantan’s State Executive Councillor, Mumtaz Md Nawi from Wikipedia.

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