PN Man: Hannah Yeoh Should Be More Cautious on Matters of Religion

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PN Man
Mahathir Mohd Rais
Kazi Mahmood
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The PN man, Mahathir Mohd Rais, highlights in a commentary published by a local portal the public uproar caused by the recent interfaith initiatives and the use of Bahasa Malaysia for advertising, which has offended a segment of the Muslim population.

They argue that the Youth and Sports Ministry, led by Hannah Yeoh, should have been more cautious in promoting interfaith activities and the choice of language.

Advise from the PN Man

The author suggests that the ministry’s resources could be better utilized on programs that unite people from different faiths rather than focusing on interfaith dialogues. They emphasize the importance of addressing concerns raised by the Muslim community and ensuring that the ministry’s efforts align with the interests of the country’s youth.


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