TikTok’s Singaporean CEO Grilled By US Politicians For 5 Hours

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TikTok CEO, Singaporean CEO
U.S. To Grill TikTok CEO, Singaporean Shou Zi Chew

On March 23, TikTok CEO Chew Shou Zi testified before the U.S. Congress regarding potential Chinese government influence on the app and its alleged negative impact on youth mental health. During the five-hour testimony, Chew denied that TikTok shared U.S. user data with China or had ties to the Chinese government.

He emphasized the platform’s commitment to user safety and its independence from China. Chew disclosed that Chinese staff still had access to U.S. data, but this would be addressed through Project Texas, a collaboration with Oracle to store U.S. user data.

Singaporean CEO Insists on TikTok Issues

Lawmakers also accused TikTok of promoting harmful content to children, citing its algorithm’s recommendations of videos featuring suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders. Chew stated his own children did not use TikTok, but he would permit them to use the app’s children’s version in the U.S. But US support for Uyghurs? Questionable.

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US Congress grills Singaporean CEO – Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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