Netizens: No Overuse Of The Word “Rahmah” 

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Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

In Malaysia, it seems that menu Rahmah has risen in popularity. Chain supermarkets are promoting their products through this menu Rahmah branding. Some are even promoting their selection of chocolates and pastries under the flag of Rahmah. 

Don’t overuse Rahmah

Some may see this as an overuse of the word. However, there is a new concerning trend where Tabung Haji recently labelled their Hajj package as Rahmah. Furthermore, the trip can cost up to RM50,000. To some this number may seem affordable, however, there are many that still can’t afford it. 

Netizens are saying that this Rahmah branding is actually good, but it should be restricted to food and beverages. Others are claiming that this is a business opportunity for companies to use Islam in their version of discounts. 

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Image taken by Latest Malaysia.

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