Essential Tech Tools for the Remote Workforce 

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was considered a privilege reserved for certain job roles and companies, typically arranged on an individual basis between employer and employee. However, the pandemic changed this perception as businesses had to quickly adapt to remote work to remain operational. According to a Gartner survey of HR leaders in April 2020, 41% of employees were likely to continue remote work at least some of the time after the pandemic, up from 30% pre-pandemic.

Shifting mindsets to remote work 

The adoption of hybrid work has had a positive impact on employees’ well-being, with 78% of respondents in a Cisco Global Hybrid Work Study 2022 believing it has improved all aspects of well-being. However, remote work also has its downsides, including the possibility of less collaboration with teammates, a lack of recognition, and potential distractions at home. Additionally, businesses must address cybersecurity concerns, with 41% of employees working for companies that do not offer approved mobile communication solutions.

To manage teams working elsewhere effectively, companies must invest in tools and technologies that enable seamless communication and productivity, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and productivity management tools. Recruitment automation platforms and cloud-based apps can also improve efficiency and cash flow. With the right technological tools and an open mindset towards new ways of working, employers and employees can thrive in the post-pandemic digitalized world of work.

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Image of Akhil Gupta, Talbotiq Technologies CEO and Founder.

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