19-Year-Old Arrested For Selling Marijuana Cakes 

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The cases where university students are selling marijuana, which is still an illegal substance as delicacies, are not too frequent. However, the substance is still considered as illegal and unfortunately, the late teen is arrested for selling them. Over six kilograms of cake was confiscated. 

Marijuana cakes 

Some netizens are worried that certain cake shops might place marijuana in the cakes that they purchased. However, others respond by saying that it is doubtful that regular bakers would ever place the highly expensive substances in the cakes they buy. Furthermore, the prices would be significantly more expensive than regular cakes. 

There are jokes stating that the evidence containing said substance would even last long in the evidence room. This statement is made without proper evidence, and is purely alleged. Some are speculating that the 19-year-old was reported to the authorities by a competitor. 

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