New VR Simulator Shows You What Happens after Death

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VR Simulator
New VR Simulator Shows You What Happens after Death

The new Death Simulator VR machine offers users a unique opportunity to experience what happens to them during their last moments and beyond. Created by Australian artist Shaun Gladwell, the simulation immerses users in a virtual world where they go through the process of the de-escalation of life, starting from a cardiac arrest leading to brain death.

The user wears a VR headset while being laid in a hospital bed to replicate the sensations of cardiac arrest. They experience an attempt to resurrect them, as well as an out-of-body experience. The VR simulator simulates the sensations of being revived by doctors, which ultimately fails, and then floating up past them into space.


Its Actually pretty hectic. Doctors trying to revive you, vibrating bed and floating into space.

♬ original sound – Marcus Crook

VR Simulator

TikToker Marcus Crook, who experienced the Death VR Simulator, described it as a borderline anxiety and panic-inducing experience. The machine also comes with a heart rate monitor that users can use to signal when they want to stop the simulation. Overall, the Death Simulator offers a unique and immersive way for people to confront their own mortality and experience what might happen after they die.

Photo of VR is from Unsplash

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