Netizens Calling Bluff On Taxi Driver Walking 160KM As PN Propaganda 

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Taxi Driver, Teksi Sapu
Go for the real cabs at KLIA - Photo: Wikipedia

A viral tweet recently shows that young able bodied men in the army looking extremely tired after their 80-90km walk. The netizen states that the taxi driver must have amazing stamina to be able to beat soldiers that are in their 20s. Then the netizen adds that this is simply a propaganda played by PN

Pakcik Taxi is all bluff from PN? 

Others are stating that the driver should be reported to the local authorities regarding his statement. Another person states that walking from Damansara to Seremban will take someone a whopping 18 hours just to get there by foot. 

Netizens are also stating that the whole of Malaysia is scammed by a driver. There are questions if anyone has ever recorded the older man walking the full 160KM journey. Another points out that his face was not even sunburned after the whole journey, and Malaysia is pretty well known for being quite sunny during the day. 

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