Free Ice Cream: Singaporeans Also Can Rush At Vivo City in 2023!

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Ice Cream

Rain or shine, nothing stops Singaporeans from queuing for free ice cream! Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day had people lining up even before the store opened, and by midday, the queue stretched 21 stores long!

But don’t worry, the queues moved at lightning speed, and staff were on hand to manage the crowds. The best part? Even the elderly had their own express lane!


So if you’re a die-hard ice cream fan, head on down to VivoCity and join the queue for a free scoop – but be sure to bring an umbrella, just in case! This is nice to know since lately on Malaysian social media networks, we saw people rushing here to get ‘free’ items.

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LM Latest Malaysia News Briefs
LM Latest Malaysia News Briefs

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