Menu Rahmah Should Be For Halal Food Only? Many Disagree 

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Rahmah Government

The topic of Menu Rahmah catering for the non-Muslims by having a non-Halal version of it in certain restaurants is sparking debate among Malaysians. However, there are some that state the word “Rahmah” should be used for Islamic purposes only. Netizens are stating that this is not helping with the race relations in the country. 

Rahmah for halal food only

There are some creative suggestions stating that Rahmah can be replaced with another word for the non-Halal meals. Netizens are stating that we need to keep in mind the minorities in Malaysia that are not Muslims. This could possibly stem from Muslims getting confused with the Halal and non-Halal menus. 

Opposition supporters state that these meals that are not regulated in Islam should not have a Muslim name. The tweet then proceeds to have certain racist remarks dedicated to a racial group in our country. Netizens are calling out PN supporters as “terrorists” in retaliation towards their remarks. 

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