How to avoid Vishing Scams

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Vishing Scams

Vishing is when scammers call up victims to obtain their personal information. They may impersonate Maxis call centre agents to persuade victims to divulge personal information.

Example:You receive a call from someone who says they are calling from Maxis, stating that there has been suspicious activity on your account, and that you will need to verify your account.

Believing that you are speaking with a legitimate representative, you provide the caller with your personal information like your full name, date of birth and NRIC number.

Unfortunately, the scammer uses the information to impersonate you to buy and register for services without your knowledge. The scammer also applies for loans and credit cards under your name, leaving you with a significant amount of debt!

The Do’s And Don’ts of Vishing Scams

Do’s:   Always cross-check with official Maxis centres or your bank to clarify any issues before divulging information over the phone.
An OTP is a vital key to your wealth, so remember to never share it with anyone. Be cautious of unsolicited calls and never give out personal information.

Dont’s:   Do not trust any unknown callers claiming to be from Maxis or banks, especially when they ask for confidential information. This is not the standard practice for any trusted institution.

Do not return calls to unknown phone numbers, including international numbers. This is what vishing scams are all about.

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Vishing Scams

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