Anwar To Muhyiddin: Want to Go to War with China?

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Anwar slams Muhyiddin for irresponsible comments on South China Sea dispute.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has slammed his predecessor Muhyiddin Yassin for his irresponsible comments on the South China Sea dispute between Malaysia and China.

Muhyiddin’s careless statement

Muhyiddin said Anwar made careless comments on the maritime issue and said there may be consequences. Some would say it was a stupid statement from Muhyiddin, who perhaps, has no idea what the PM is talking about and behaved like his supporters who reads headlines only and make TikTok videos to attack the government based on assumptions.

War or Negotiations?

Muhyiddin’s comments were ignorant and reckless as they undermined Malaysia’s own claims and interests in the South China Sea, which is rich in natural resources and strategic for trade and security. DSAI supports a peaceful and rules-based resolution of the dispute in the are where Malaysias Petronas and Carigali are digging for oil, area also claimed by China. The area falls in Malaysia’s EEZ. The question is whether Muhyiddin wants a conflict with China instead of negotiations?

Anwar’s call for a balanced approach

DSAI calls for a more balanced and principled approach to deal with China. In fact, Muhyiddin should refrain from making such statements without consulting with experts and stakeholders.

Source: Anwar Hits Back At Muhyiddin On SCS

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