Petaling Jaya Neighbors’ in a Funny Aidilfitri Light Fight

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Petaling Jaya Neighbors'
Photo from Unsplash

The behavior of two individuals who sat next to each other fighting to install street lights to ensure that their homes were lively in conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration touched the hearts of many.

Funny Neighbors

Through a video uploaded by the owner of the TikTok account @Iejamurad, he recorded the condition of his yard and the neighbor’s house filled with street lights.

“I don’t admit to losing to the street lights installed by my neighbors,” he said in the caption.


Taking it as a challenge, the user then installed a ‘spotlight’ in the yard.

“When you don’t want to lose to your neighbors. He took out all the lights,” he said.

Visiting the comment section, netizens joked that the lamp installed by the user was a lamp taken from a night club.


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